About Author

Erin Doak

Erin Doak is a wife, mother of three, and a grandmother of four. Her love for animals started in her childhood and continued throughout her life. She has always had a cat or a dog as part of her family and believes in helping the less fortunate. Erin and her family have never bought their pets, instead, they provide a home to those in need.

Erin’s journey with horses began when she acquired acreage, and she realized that God would use their presence in her life to push her further and help her face the parts of herself that she didn’t want to acknowledge. Horses, according to Erin, are honest animals that read our hearts and respond based on our level of honesty.

God has used these magnificent creatures to heal places in Erin’s life that she didn’t even know needed healing. They helped her to be honest with who she is and become who God intended her to be. As Erin grows, she uses what she has learned to inspire and encourage those around her.

Erin is not just an animal advocate and horse trainer, but also a slaughter pipeline educator. Most importantly, she is a Christian who believes in fully relying on faith and being willing to jump into the unknown. Erin trusts that God always shows us immeasurably more than all we could ever ask for or imagine and that He works things out for our good, even when we mess up.