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Oaky Doak, God - I'm Listening

Are you seeking daily inspiration, hope, and a closer relationship with God? Look no further than ‘Oaky Doak, God – I’m Listening,’ a collection of 111 daily devotions written by author Erin M. Doak.

At first glance, 111 may seem like an odd number for a devotional, but as Doak explains, God never does anything ordinary. In fact, the number 111 symbolizes new opportunities and new beginnings, and it was on January 11th that the number became clear to her.

The devotions in this book were inspired by Doak’s experiences running Oaky Doak Farm, a rescue farm built on faith. Each day’s message was written one day at a time over several years, as Doak shared her morning quiet times with God and the lessons she was learning.

100% of book sale profits goes directly to rescue efforts.